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Wow man. I really got to hand it to you. This is a surprisingly fun game for such little resources. There's just something about it that really makes me want to win. It looks so simple yet each provide their own decent challenge.

Even the environment changes really helped it to be fun and you could sense a sort of progression. The random placement of the moons and sun almost alluded to some sort of storyline (sadly not realized).

I was also pleased that it seems to run perfectly in Linux under "wine".

I'm glad that you enjoyed it! The sun and moon were an attempt to show that you were journeying east, but I understand the confusion. If you are interested in the project, I am currently making it into a full game. You can check out the dev blog (which literally started yesterday) here.

I definitely will follow it. Ahh. that makes sense (about the moon and sun). Good luck with everything.